Alleluia! Christ is risen

Dear OSP friends and family,

Alleluia, alleluia, Christ is resurrected from the dead! Alleluia we exclaim, our voices joining together as one, professing who we are. Who are we? We are an alleluia people; we are called to be an Easter people. After forty long days and nights of liturgically fasting from the word, ‘alleluia,’ there may not be as sweet a sounding word as alleluia, and as instrumental in revealing who we are.

Lent and the Paschal Triduum are long periods of time marked by many highs and low, times of darkness and light, and that gray area in between where most of our lives may be spent. It is a time of much waiting and uncertainty yet it is a time that reveals who we are individually and communally before Christ. Catholic spiritual writer, Henri Nouwen once wrote, “learning to weep, learning to keep vigil, learning to wait for the dawn. Perhaps this is what it means to be human.” More famously, gay, singer-songwriter Steve Grand sings, “we are the night…we are the heavy hearts on subway cars…today could be our last. And we’ll just live as we are, unmoved by the darkness we face ’cause we are the night. They’re gonna say we just ain’t right, but we are the night.” This is what we are about: we are people of the night waiting together in resilient hope, and we are people of the day with the gift of the joy of the resurrection.

The joy of the resurrection and the alleluias we sing call us to respond courageously and whole-heartedly with all that we are as LGBTQ and more, sharing our stories and the life of Christ. Our mark as an Easter people is found in how we act, caring for our brothers and sisters and the resurrected Christ we find within them, the world, and ourselves. Ours is a faith of action and Easter allots us the gift of finding out where our exclamation of alleluia comes from while doing the work of the resurrected Christ. May all that you are sing alleluia in the joy of the resurrection this Easter.

With love and Easter blessings,
Out at St. Paul Ministry